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About Us - VirtualStudio.TV: Production Company + Video Services Cambridgeshire UK

All our video products and services are based on Virtual Studio technology. Our video solutions include;

Internet Videos | Virtual Events | Video Email Newsletters | Presentation Videos | Mobile Studio Hire | Live Video Streaming | Video Hosting

 Our Mobile Studio can be taken to any office or venue in the UK or abroad.

Unlike conventional video solutions we film and edit everything in real-time, so there’s no expensive post editing costs or time delays. Our services are based on Live TV production, so we can shoot, edit and deliver a short video in a matter of minutes!

We think you will have fun working with us, and with our unique portfolio of video products and services, we're determined to help you turn your ideas and concepts into reality.

Our Background & History

VirtualStudio.TV was formed in 2009 to offer new video solutions that delivered high quality video at a lower cost than conventional video recording. Our team has:

·Produced thousands of Internet Videos, Virtual Events and conventional Conferences
·Worked around the world with some of the world’s biggest companies. Our clients include Microsoft, Marks&Spencer and Cambridge University Press 
·Developed state of the art video solutions including bespoke Virtual Studio designs and custom made video hosting sites

So, Why Choose Us?

· Our video services are unique
· We have award winning video producers
· Our video products deliver high quality, low cost results
· Our video production company is full of friendly, hardworking people - who really “get it”!
Lastly (and most importantly) we’re passionate about helping you take advantage of the online video revolution!

To discuss your online video requirements, please contact us today! Please also take a look at out our culture, customer testimonials and clients to find out more about us.