Recent statistics produced by Hypebot show that the explosive growth of Twitter sees no signs of slowing. There are 106 million active users of Twitter with 27% of them logging in every day. 87% of people polled are aware of Twitter and NextWeb.Com have produced an amazing time-lapse video showing that almost 7,000 tweets were posted every second on New Year’s Eve in Japan alone!

Last week we were following around 600 people on our Twitter account (@VirtualStudioTV). With the level of tweets constantly rising it had become almost impossible to find and share information properly as our stream was just a bombardment of constant tweets from a wide range of individuals and organisations covering a massive range of topics. As a result I was sure we were missing out on some great content that would be useful to us and our followers as we just couldn’t find it.

I had been aware that Twitter lists could be used to categorise different people but had been reluctant to create a range of following lists due to the time it would take and the fact I was unsure if it would be worthwhile. However, the level of frustration grew to a level last week where I decided to bite the bullet, grab a coffee and get cracking!

Since we opened our Twitter account in July last year, we had tried to pinpoint people who were in our industry or who might be interested in our services and follow them. This has led to us having a list of very relevant twitter accounts. However, we made the mistake that many others do and in an attempt to build a bigger list of followers, we frequently followed back users that had followed us even if their content wasn’t directly of interest to us. This has helped to increase our followers but also diluted our twitter feed with irrelevant content. This made the difficult task of obtaining useful content on Twitter even harder. As a result I deleted over 150 accounts that really had no relevance to us and was left with over 450 accounts we wanted to keep track of.

It took almost two hours but once I had finished, I had placed these accounts into a wide range of lists ranging from social media, marketing, virtual events, SEO tips and a list of local organisations in our home town of Cambridge, UK. Instantly information has been easier to find as all the accounts we are following were put in place where their information was much easier to find. As a result of this the quality of information received and shared with our followers has increased dramatically and it was well worth the two hours of time it took to create the listings.

We have used lists to place accounts into their area of relevance but you can also make lists for your employees, industry experts, competitors and many more. Also creating lists is a good way of attracting followers. If you produce a useful list that other people follow, there is a strong chance they will follow your account as well (especially if you follow your own account in the lists you produce).

I have found a useful video that explains exactly how to create Twitter lists and have included it below:

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