Production Green Screen Studio Hire in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Video Filming & Production Studio Rental

Our Mobile Studio is available for hire and includes the latest cutting-edge video technology and a friendly team of studio experts, ready to help.

Our Mobile Studio uses Reflecmedia technology, a solution that involves placing a ring of LED lights around the lens of a camera that faces towards a grey cloth. The grey cloth (called Chromatte) is made up of thousands of tiny beads of glass that reflect the green LED light from the camera straight back into the lens. So although the cloth remains grey to the human eye, the camera receives a vivid and very clear green colour which makes the process of chroma keying very easy and perfect for green screen studio hire. To find out more information, please take a look at this blog post.

If you’re looking for a studio to hire, our rates are based on per hour, per half day and per full day basis.

To find out more about our green screen studio hire rates please contact us today.  

Our production studio rental includes the following equipment:

· Use of our 6.5m x 4m studio space and meeting room
· A Tricaster 450 Extreme
· Use of all our Virtual Studios
Reflecmedia Green Screen equipment
·  3 x Datavision LED lights
·  2 x JVC HM700E HD Cameras
· Portable Autocue Machine computer
·  2 x Sennheiser Radio Microphones

Green Screen Video: Backgrounds, Backdrops & Special Effects

The Internet Videos we produce are all based on green screen video technology. Using a reflecmedia green screen backdrop, a presenter can stand in our studio and instantly be placed inside one of our Virtual Studios.

Using green screen effects, we have the ability to manipulate the size of a
presenter and their positioning to fit their chosen green screen background.

We can also produce bespoke Virtual Studios that can be subtly amended using green screen effects to reflect a company’s branding. We can also:

· Create custom Virtual Studios for use in Virtual Events or Video Email Newsletters

· Use high quality widescreen images as Virtual Studio backgrounds

· Create layers within 2D images for presenters to stand and interact within a static image

Use our Green Screen Studio for YouTube Video Production

Our Mobile Studio is perfect for creating YouTube green screen videos. We have made hundreds of Internet Videos in our green screen studio and you can see a selection of some of our finished videos by visiting our YouTube channel.

For more information please contact us today.