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VirtualStudio.TV's Video Services & Solutions for clients in Cambridgeshire and the UK

Our video services are unique and are a fraction of the cost compared to conventional video solutions. We have a Mobile Studio that can be taken to any venue, or office, in the UK and abroad.

Our form of video production is based on live TV, so preperation is key! You’ll need a PowerPoint presentation and script prior to your shoot. We edit live so there are no expensive post editing costs. All or video solutions use the latest in green screen and Virtual Studio technology and our video services include:

Internet Videos | Virtual Events | Video Email Newsletters | Presentation Videos | Mobile Studio Hire | Live Video Streaming | Video Hosting

Presentation Training

We offer several Presentation Training courses that have been created by experienced communicators who’ve worked within the communications industry for over 30 years in both the BBC and corporate arena. We don’t claim to be ‘trainers’; we’re simply a group of professional communicators. We also have several speech writing and PowerPoint presentation training courses available. 

Speech & Script Writing

Our speech writing team are on hand to help with any script writing you might need for your videos. They can create a script from scratch, or spend a couple of script writing hours tidying an existing script. Our speech writing services are charged on a half day and full day basis so you have complete control of the costs.

PowerPoint Presentation Design

All our Virtual Studios have a virtual screen which can be used to show supporting material in the form of PowerPoint presentations

Powerpoint Presentations can also be as virtual backgrounds in a Presentation Video where presenters can actually be placed within their graphics to fully engage with their content.

We have a PowerPoint presentation design team who can modify and tidy existing PowerPoint presentations or create a set of slides from scratch.

Live Online Streaming

Video streaming and video hosting can be pretty complex, but we’ve made our live video streaming solution easy to use, easy to implement and cost effective too! Plus, we can guide you through the complete process, from planning, producing and streaming your Virtual Event to hosting the completed video once filming is complete.

Our live video streaming solution also streams to iPhones and iPads.

If you’d like to talk through your internet streaming needs or have any questions regarding live online streaming please do contact us today.

Video Hosting Solutions

Our video hosting solutions have been created in-house and our sites are password protected. As well as a video player our video hosting solutions contain several user benefits such as Live Chat, Ask a Question functions, bespoke Polls and a download area.

You can see these features in action by visiting the VirtualStudio.TV Video Hosting site.