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PowerPoint Presentation Creation: Graphic, Template & Slide Design in Cambridge UK

PowerPoint Presentations: Graphics &

Our team of graphic designers have almost 20 years experience in using PowerPoint. Our team can:-

· Create PowerPoint presentations
· Design and set up PowerPoint templates for your business
· Design high quality Powerpoint presentation slides

Some of our clients create PowerPoint Presentations themselves to support their video messages. But for those who need a little help, our graphic PowerPoint Design team are happy to create a PowerPoint slide template or presentation from scratch. Alternatively, we’re more than happy to simply give an existing set of PowerPoint slides a tidy up.

We can also help you bring your completed PowerPoint Presentation to life by mixing your message and graphics into one clear and concise Presentation Video for your audience to view.

Simply contact the team today - they’ll happily answer your questions or provide a quotation for our PowerPoint Presentation services

PowerPoint Presentation Writing Service

Our motto is "keep it simple, do it well". Large PowerPoint graphics work really well in stage presentations and in our Virtual Studios and are far more effective than endless boring text and complicated charts!

Because we stand by our motto, we don’t use lots of flashy animations in our PowerPoint presentations. In our experience “Fades” work best and we advise that people stay clear of anything too ‘obvious' (such as the "Bounce" transition found in Office 2012 - try it and you will see what we mean!) 

We’re happy to take an existing PowerPoint Presentation and amend the animations to make sure your graphics look great in the screens inside our Virtual Studios.

If you need some top tips to help you create your PowerPoint presentation, please contact us today or go ahead and download our PowerPoint Design Guide and Client Guide.