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Video Marketing - Advertise Your Business Online with Promotional Videos

YouTube - Marketing with YouTube Videos

If you’re planning to do online marketing with video, YouTube is the best place to get started!

·  Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month

·  Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube

·  YouTube is available on 350 million devices

·  YouTube is localized in 43 countries and across 60 languages

Marketing with YouTube video can really benefit those who are trying to build their brand and company profile online and get more views on YouTube.

We practice what we preach and have been using YouTube videos to market ourselves online since we opened back in 2010. You can have a look at our latest promotional videos by watching the YouTube playlist below and by subscribing to our channel. 

The Advantages of Online Video Communications

There are many advantages to online video communications - here are just some of them:

·  According to comScore, people are twice as likely to visit a site after seeing a video about it than those who have not watched the video

·  Invodo recently stated that video and related multi-media product viewing options were rated more effective than any other site initiatives in an Adobe survey of almost 2,000 interactive marketers

·  ReelSEO report that over 90% of people use the Internet to research products or services before we commit to buy

·  Econsultancy revealed in a recent study that videos in universal search results have a 41% higher click-through rate than plain-text results

·  Cisco expects video to account for 57% of consumer internet traffic by 2015, nearly four times as much as regular web browsing and email

Incorporating promotional video and video advertising into your online marketing strategy has become commonplace. Video marketing allows you to engage directly with your audience quickly and easily.

Marketing with video couldn’t be easier - with our unique video production method you can create:

· Video Email Newsletters
· Internet Videos
· Presentation Videos
· Promotional Videos
· Video Advertisments
· Product Launch Videos

Please contact us today to discuss how advertising your business online using YouTube video marketing can increase your online brand and benefit your company.